X-Cam Sight2 2-Axis Selfie Gimbal For Smart Phone

1. Material: PC
2. Battery: 1000mAh Li-PO
3. Bluetooth: 4.0+EDR
4. Charging time: 2-3 Hours
5. Working time: 2-5 Hours
6. Size: 150 * 48 * 54 mm
7. Weight: 187g
8. Rolls Angle: 350 Degree
9. Horizontal panning angle: 90 Degrees
10. Rolls control angle: 90 Degrees
11. Support: iPhone 6 Plus/6s/5s/4s and other smartphones with size 5.5 inches or smaller




1. Convenient: Portable and folding design, easy to take in or out from your bag or pocket .
2. Stabilized: Muti angle intelligent 2-axis stabilization system can eliminate TILT and ROLL the direction of the sloshing.
3. Adjustable angle up or down: Adjustable angle can easily footage and never ignore any amazing views from a blind angle.
4.No additional APP: Bluetooth connection support iPhone and Android (Android version 4.1 or above) system, needn’t install additional APP.
5. Novelty design: X-CAM sight 2 has the best optimization in detail about its shape, the white
6. color and novelty design conception let you become the focus of your friends
7. Adjust the picture up and down angle free
8. Support Bluetooth connect, Take Photo or Video Tip:

  • Suitable for under 5.5 inches (including 5.5inch) smartphones;
  • Do not press the roll when using it;
  • When used to avoid excessive weight, it is recommended to remove the phone case.

    Package listing:
    1 * Handheld gimbal
    1 * EVA thickening pads(only needed for a small-sized smartphone)
    1 * Hex Allen wrench
    1 * Charging cord
    1 * Instructions Manual
    1 * Certificate of quality
    1 * Velvet bag Width: 9 cm Height: 6 cm Length: 16 cm

Additional information

Weight 0.50 kg


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