Smooth XS Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones-Black





Zhiyun Smooth XS Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones -Black
Slide out to quickly start shooting and slide back to easily pack in the pocket
Get control of your gimbal whether in hands or not.
Now taking a photo or recording a video is as easy as showing a V gesture.
Smooth Xs Gimbal Cell Phone Stabilizer Black
With exquisite design, non-slip rubber coating, compact size, and powerful function introduction,
the smooth Xs Zhiyun tech is a perfect choice to enhance your imaging and shooting. Control the
gimbal by V gesture and launch video or take photos quickly. Extend Smooth Xs telescopically and
use it as a selfie stick to capture images and photos stabilized in two axes.
Make live broadcasts anytime or anywhere from portrait mode and have a variety of templates with custom motion,
music and special effects to give us a boost to your videos and also say with ZY Cami for resources like slow motion,
Time-lapse, Panorama, and other creative solutions.
On-state motion specifications:
Max: ± 0,3 °
Pattern: ±0.1°
Mini: ± 0,05 °
The deviation in the static state follows:
Max: ± 0,04 °
Mini: ± 0,01 °
Mechanical Tilt Range: Standard: 290°
Roller mechanic: Standard: 268°
Valid payload: 200 ± 35g
Product dimensions: 69x56x267mm
Operating voltage: Max: 4.2V Standard: 3.7V Mini: 3.4V
Operating temperature: Max: 45°C model: 25°C Mini: -10°C
Battery life: Max: 5.5H model: 4H
Charging time: Min: 3 h 850 Ma 500 mA
Items included:
01x black tripod Xs
01x USB Type-C cable
01x User Manual

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