1. Fault or Issue: If a customer experiences a fault or issue with the product they purchased, they can claim within 3 days.

  2. Customer Return: The customer will send the product back to your company.

  3. QA Inspection: Your Quality Assurance (QA) team will thoroughly inspect the returned product to determine the cause of the issue. They will check whether the fault is due to a manufacturing defect or if it was caused by the customer.

  4. Fault Determination: If the QA team determines that the fault is indeed due to a technical issue from your side, the customer is eligible for a replacement.

  5. Replacement Process: If the fault is confirmed to be from your side, you will initiate the replacement process. This involves providing the customer with a new, functioning product to replace the faulty one.

  6. Timeframe: The entire process of inspecting the product, determining the fault, and initiating the replacement typically takes 3 to 4 days.