·         SAVE TIME and MONEY – It has 3 different ends and it can charge different devices such as your android phones, kindles, headphones, and tablets at the same time. You do not have to travel with multiple USB cords. You do not need to find the right power cord for charging anymore.

·         FAST CHARGE TECHNOLOGY – This cable has different ports and it can charge different devices at the same time quickly. The cord is long enough so it is flexible to use. It’s nice to have a backup. Please note that this cable only has a charge function, it can’t transfer data.

·         DURABLE and USEFUL – Connector tested 10000+ times, never in a worse connection. This cable is well-built and it can last a long time. It is durable and strong so you can throw it in your bag. It will not get overheated. This one helps cut back on the clutter by combining several cables into one.

·         CONVENIENT ON THE GO – It is very convenient especially on the go if you have people needing a certain charger in your car/job. So convenient with three different options. It makes it easier and less cumbersome when traveling.


Package Includes

1 x Nylon Braided Cable 3 in 1

Additional information

Weight 0.50 kg


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