RS232 FTDI Chip USB to RJ45 USB Console Cable 1.8m




1.8m(6 ft) Cisco USB-RJ45 serial router Console cable connect from a USB port on your laptop directly to a console port.No adapter is needed! Fully capable of sending a break key sequence.Embedded FTDI chip! Windows 7 and 8 will automatically install need for additional drivers to download for all versions of Windows including Windows 8, Mac OS, Linux, and Android, Connecting Point:(1-CTS,2-DSR,3-RXD,4-GND,5-GND,6-TXD,7-DTR,8-RTS)Support Android, Support Win 8, Win 7, XP,2000, Linux, Mac OS Support EEPROM, support Vendor ID re-write, support Mprog3.5 Support FTDI VCP driver and D2XX driver upgrading for  DB9 RJ45 console cable.

Product Features:
1. USB RJ45 RS232  serial router console cable
2. Length: 1.8m Chip: FT232+ZT213
3. Support Android, Support Win 8,Win 7, XP 2000, Linux, Mac OS
4. Upgrade from USB to DB9 cable
5. Top quality

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