New A9 1080p Hd 2mp Magnetic Wifi Mini Camera With PIX-LINK IPC App




1080P Full Brings You A Different Experience. This wireless IP camera lets you view in real-time what’s happening inside your home or office even while you’re away on a vacation or a quick business trip. The remote view can be accessed via the – – – APP(PIX-LINK) using iOS and Android smartphones.

– This wireless IP camera can work on WiFi (2.4GHz WiFi only) or No WiFi. When it works on No WiFi, insert a Micro SD card (SD card not included) and turn it on, the camera will record and saves the video files to the SD card (SD card not included).

– Night vision & motion detection & alarm push, those functions are the basis for this indoor security camera. You can not only see things in the dark but also capture anybody who is moving in the camera.

– This small camera bathroom has a built-in magnet, can work well with any iron material, easily place anywhere. This small camera with a rigid charging cable and magic base, when charging while recording, you can manually rotate the recording angle 360 degrees.

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